Favourite non-fiction books from 2019

Selection of my favourite non-fiction books I read last year, mainly around business.

The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek new book on Infinite Mindset for business and life. If you enjoyed “Start with Why” and “Leaders eat last“, this book connects many of his opinions and theories.

Scaling Up

Lots of useful information, guides, templates to help grow your business exponentially. Check out their free template to give you a feel for the book.


Setting the table

New York restaurateur, Danny Meyer talks about his journey in the restaurant business, or should I say hospitality, and how companies are missing a trick. First came across Danny Meyer in Reid Hoffman Podcast.

Setting the Table: Lessons and inspirations from one of the worlds leading entrepreneurs

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life

Book you wish you’d read as a young adult starting out in life. I would recommend listening to this book as its read by Michael Caine.

Over my 60 years in the movie business and my 85 years of life, I have learnt a lot from my many glittering successes and my many disastrous failures. I wanted to look back at all its fun and all its misery and struggle, its comedy, its drama, its romance and its tragedy and find in this long and eventful life the lessons I’ve learned.

Atomic Habits

Recommend by my business coach last year is developing micro habits or small daily changes can add up over weeks, months and years.

If you like this idea, then this is an excellent Ted video to watch. How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals by Stephen Duneier

Pig Wrestling: The Brilliantly Simple Way to Solve Any Problem… and Create the Change You Need

A framework for problem-solving – Another one recommending by my business coach and one we buy each member of Helpdesk Team at Dunedin IT.


Apollo is an in-depth look at the Apollo Space Program that achieve getting a man to the moon. I found several business learnings that inspire me to write a post last year.

7 Reasons why I love the Apollo Space Program

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