Going electric with a plugin-hybrid

This month I completed 15,000 miles in the BMW 330e, 60% have been electric miles. Although advertised with a 40-mile electric range, driving it in Scotland, it’s been 20-25 miles. And that has been enough to go for 6-8 week stretches without having to visit the forecourt to fill up

7 Ways to bulletproof your IT department

LinkedIn article I wrote on what I would be doing in 2020 if I was an IT Manager or responsible for an IT department. Topics covered Cost savings before being asked Opportunity to drive through upgrades Removal of legacy solutions Employee learning resources Non-IT Department savings and Innovate Redefine Roles

Nessie Pass – The Scottish Password Generator

The problem with most password generators is they’re boring, too simple or complex for us stupid humans to remember. As nicely demonstrated in the graphic below. That’s why I’ve always liked DinoPass to generate a more emotive password and add a few extra bits on top! At the same time,

Favourite non-fiction books from 2019

Selection of my favourite non-fiction books I read last year, mainly around business. The Infinite Game Simon Sinek new book on Infinite Mindset for business and life. If you enjoyed “Start with Why” and “Leaders eat last“, this book connects many of his opinions and theories. Scaling Up Lots of

Favourite YouTube channels of 2019

Influenced by the younger member of the house, found myself watching a lot of YouTube in 2019 and next nothing on traditional terrestrial TV, other than catch up and football. One channel even influenced my next car to be greener one. Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels from

7 Reasons why I love the Apollo Space Program

This summer marked 50 years since man landed on the moon. At work, we have a monthly Beer & Tech session, which is something work-related and something not. I decided to bore the team on my love of the Apollo Space program. It wasn’t just the tech and computers around

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