Going electric with a plugin-hybrid

This month I completed 15,000 miles in the BMW 330e, 60% have been electric miles. Although advertised with a 40-mile electric range, driving it in Scotland, it’s been 20-25 miles. And that has been enough to go for 6-8 week stretches without having to visit the forecourt to fill up the small 35-litre tank.

Sure the pandemic has help to reduce long-distance driving but we have also gone from two car family to one in mid 2020.

Plugin-Hybrid over Electric

There are still occasions when Plugin-Hybrid may make more sense over electric, but I’m almost certain this will be my last petrol car.

2030 Ban

Government has a target date of 2030 to ban the sales of new petrol cars and vans. I believe that the market will almost dictate that without extensive government invention. If they can help with grants for local charging infrastructure, the rest will follow.

My ask

If you’re fortunate to be in the market for a new car, you should at least drive an electric or plugin-hybrid before making a decision.

A good place to find out more is Fully Charged or for a more petrol head take, is Jonny Smith Late Break show or Harry’s Garage.

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