Favourite YouTube channels of 2019

Influenced by the younger member of the house, found myself watching a lot of YouTube in 2019 and next nothing on traditional terrestrial TV, other than catch up and football.

One channel even influenced my next car to be greener one.

Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels from 2019.

Answers with Joe

Funny guy Joe talks about a range of topics. – Space, Energy, Technology


Sky Sports

Gary & Jamie ramblings, match analysis, Souness, Monday Night football interviews.

Curious Droid

Paul Shillito is the founder of Curious Droid, along with his loud shirts, he talks about Aerospace, robotics, transportation, space, technology.

Leadership Nudges

David Marquet bite-size business learnings from his Book(s).


Now that Jeremy, May & Hammond are making “specials” you can find them on here along with other car reviews and ramblings.

Everyday Astronaut

Tim Dodd is the Everyday Astronaut. His channel aims to bring space down to Earth for everyday people.

Fully Charged

Fully Charged is the world’s number 1 clean energy & electric vehicle. Founded and hosted by Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf).

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