My top business book from 2018

Although I listen to a lot of audio books while driving, most of them being fictional and the actual read of a book is nil apart from technical books. That was until last year when I was given a book called The Levels by Ray Moore. This planted a seed which was then germinated when I was recommended Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet.

So here is five of my favourite from 2018:-

Turn the ship around

Take away: Create leaders at all levels, push decision making down the chain of command and learn every day.

Team of Teams

Take away: Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Extreme Ownership

Take away: No excusess for not taking ownership

Start with Why

Take away (question): What is the why for your business?

The Jelly Effect

Take away: Builds on Start with Why – Its not what you sell, its what the result of that product or service people really care about.

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