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7 Ways to bulletproof your IT department

LinkedIn article I wrote on what I would be doing in 2020 if I was an IT Manager or responsible for an IT department. Topics covered Cost savings before being asked Opportunity to drive through upgrades Removal of legacy solutions Employee learning resources Non-IT Department savings and Innovate Redefine Roles

10 events that might have affected your business in Scotland

A post I’ve written on Business Continuity and incidents that happen all the time, but not necessarily headline news. Thinking how these can impact on the local business community, in this case, Scotland. One often overlooked, is large-scale industrial fires that might burn for days on end. The smoke can

Don’t believe the Hyper-convergence

Hyper-Convergence is an exciting and a new technology that is now becoming affordable for small businesses. Bring network storage, computing and networking together as a single computing platform. Read more on a post I’ve written on Dunedin IT blog What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

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