IT Resources

A selection of useful IT resources for professionals and businesses.


Quad 9 – Alternative DNS to your ISP or Google DNS. Provides protective DNS protection against bad sites. Use as your DNS provider.

MX Toolbox – Need to dig around a domain name; then use MX Toolbox that can provide a wealth of information around domains DNS configuration. It can also process raw email headers to tell you how an email was delivered to you.

DNS Stuff – Now owned by SolarWinds, DNS Stuff also has a large range of tools for checking out DNS, IP addresses and domain names.

DNS Checker – If you’re making DNS changes to systems used over the internet and want to see the progress. This site gives you a good indication of the DNS changes and progress throughout the internet.

DNS Benchmark – Download and find out what DNS servers are best for your network.

IP Calculator – Lots of them our there, but this is prefered site of choice.


Signal – messages, and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep your communication safe.


Haystacks – How complex is your password? How long would it take to brute force?

IP Leak – This is the kind of information that all the sites you visit, as well as their advertisers and any embedded widget, can see and collect about you.

Monitor – From Firefox, this free service monitors your email addresses to check if they’ve been breached, hacked.

VirusTotal – Upload suspect files and have it scanned by 70 antivirus vendors.

FishTank & Webroot – Is this a bad website or link?

Complex Password Generator

Scottish Password Generator – Nessie Pass!

Shodan – The Search engine for security


Waky Now – Remote control software

GRC – Gibson Research Corporation (Security Now Podcast) has shed load of free applications you can down.

Easy2Boot – Want to boot almost ANYTHING from just one single USB drive

Ventoy – A New Bootable USB Solution

Apple Mac

OnyX – Maintenance tool


Active @ Boot Disk – Help with fixing boot problems

Ninite – Quickly install multiple free applications from a couple of clicks and one download.

Snappy Driver installer – Missing drivers


BiOSBUG – Lost Bios password?

RAID Calculator – From Synology but useful quickly working out server specs and configurations

BurnInTest – Test hardware

CPU Benchmark – I have no idea what the numbers mean, and that doesn’t matter! Useful for comparing your old CPU againist potential upgrades.

TechPower Up – Lookup Video Card Specs


SamKnows – UK Broadband Checker

BT Broadband – Detailed information on local UK exchanges for Broadband

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