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Favourite non-fiction books from 2019

Selection of my favourite non-fiction books I read last year, mainly around business. The Infinite Game Simon Sinek new book on Infinite Mindset for business and life. If you enjoyed “Start with Why” and “Leaders eat last“, this book connects many of his opinions and theories. Scaling Up Lots of

Favourite YouTube channels of 2019

Influenced by the younger member of the house, found myself watching a lot of YouTube in 2019 and next nothing on traditional terrestrial TV, other than catch up and football. One channel even influenced my next car to be greener one. Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels from

7 Reasons why I love the Apollo Space Program

This summer marked 50 years since man landed on the moon. At work, we have a monthly Beer & Tech session, which is something work-related and something not. I decided to bore the team on my love of the Apollo Space program. It wasn’t just the tech and computers around

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